Nokia on iPhone: WTF!?

Nokia’s vice president of the N-series musicphones computers, Pekka Pohjakallio, got real-time word of the launch of the iPhone earlier today. What does he have to say about it at CES?

“…It is a 2G device, not 3G, which was a surprise to me.” Thanks, Mr. Pahjakallio for putting voice to the complete “Wait, WHAT!?” that we’re collectively thinking.

Now for the heart of the matter: Cingular is rolling out this nationwide HSDPA, blazingly fast 3G network. Apple finally rolls out the rumored iPhone, exclusive to Cingular, without support for this network. The iPhone also hasn’t made its merry way through the FCC gauntlet. This means that, when iPhone hits the streets in June, one of two things:

1) We’ll see a boosted iPhone with HSDPA or at least UMTS by the time the retail launch happens, or

2) Steve Jobs has finally lost it (note the color of the turtleneck? Things have changed).

Nokia responds to Apple iPhone – ‘it is a surprise that the iPhone is not 3G’ [Tech Digest dot TV]