More Klipsching

As Peter mentioned below, Klispch is launching the RoomGroove that works in conjunction with its CS-700 system. In addition to being a fully functional iPod dock, the RoomGroove uses KlipschCast to send and receive audio to and from the CS-700.

It is aesthetically parallel to the CS-700 and it has an attractive touch activated iPod dock that slides into the unit. And, of course, the dock can charge all iPod’s with 30-pin connectors.

It utilizes dual 2.5-inch high-output woofers in a ported enclosure with premium crossover networks and dual MicroTractrix Horn-loaded tweeters. What that really means is that the system has a full sound in a compact housing.

The RoomGroove will be available around April for $349.

Another product that I should mention, is the iGroove Go. I don’t have much information on it, but the idea is pretty simple. It’s a fortified iGroove for use outdoors.

The unit essentially turns your iPod into a rugged boombox for hip 80s action with a modern twist. Your iPod is stored securely within the chassis to prevent it from flying feet and heads during your breakdancin’ competitions.
This is a prototype with no set time for release, but I imagine we’ll see it by the holidays.