MacWorld Announcements Real Time – iPhone Announced

The Steve Jobs KeyNote at MacWorld 2007 in San Francisco is just starting and major new products are expected to be released. We have a team at the keynote reporting live here and at CrunchGear. Stay tuned.

The Apple Store is closed until after the Keynote, which has just begun. Minute by minute updates at CrunchGear.

The first twenty minutes or so was all about iTunes. 2 billion songs and 1.3 million movies have been sold on iTunes. There are over 250 movie titles available now. 350 tv shows. Basically, Jobs is making a statement that iTunes is very strong.

Jobs then turned to the iTV, a new hardware device for the living room that we wrote about last fall. iTV, which was a working name, is now called Apple TV. The device, with a killer remote, may make Apple a serious contender in the living room. The device will cost $299 and will ship in February.

iPhone Announced

The big news…Apple is finally announcing the iPhone (images are actual device) after 2.5 years in development. Name is confirmed. The device has a large, wide touchscreen with a virtual keyboard and runs OSX. The device has a 3.5 inch touchscreen, 8 GB of storage, a 2 megapixel camera and one button. Also wifi enabled. Cingular is the carrier. This thing will run desktop style applications. Get Google maps via the browser. Check email like the desktop. There are two models. The 4 GB is $499. The 5 GB is $599. They won’t be available until June. Oh. Great.

I’m clearly switching to Cingular. In June.

Updates coming…