LEICA Goes Retro With Updated M8

While digital cameras have come along in recent years when it comes to form factor, the retro look of a classic Leica just can’t be beat. Introduced at the Photokina show in Cologne of last year, the new Leica M8 was still front and center from the offerings from Leica Camera at the Consumer Electronics Show. So in case you missed its arrival (as we did), this camera is a true throwback to yesteryear.

The M8 is the first digital camera to use the Leica viewfinder system, including all the key characteristics of the analog Leica reporter’s camera such as the sleek design of the Leica M system. Inside the old-school casing is an impressive little camera that features a 10.3megapixel resolution, lithium ion rechargeable battery, USB connection, and is compatible with virtually all the lenses in the Leica M range. Available in stores, the Leica M8 is available for a princely $4,795.

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