Getting Your Startup on TechCrunch

We continue to review 20+ startups every day, most of which come in through the company submissions link at the top of TechCrunch. Some of our best content comes from those submissions, but we’ve also missed quite a few good companies because we have to make a write/no write decision very quickly.

That’s why the favorite section of the new TechCrunch Forums is the area reserved for entrepreneurs to introduce their startups to the community. The category was opened over the weekend. As of the time I’m writing this two days later, forty-three startups have posted there, generating nearly three hundred user comments. We’re watching the category closely and will be writing about many of the startups that are getting a lot of attention there. Other bloggers have been checking it out as well, and getting some good stories out of posts there. If you are a startup looking for coverage from blogs, this may be a good place to start.