Eos Whole Home Audio Systems for the iPod

It seems fairly obvious, but if you really want to listen to your music anywhere in the house on your iPod… you just take your iPod with you. But apparently Eos Wireless seems to think it is a better for you to plug the device into this compact docking station, which will let you stream to other speakers. In fairness, this does allow you to share the tunes, so that’s not a bad thing. The Eos base station features a pair of 2.1 stereo surround speakers and ported subwoofer with a Wi-Fi-enabled 2.4GHz digital wireless transmitter. The base station, which also doubles as a charging station, can transmit to up to four satellite speakers up to 150 feet away. The Eos Wireless system will be available in Q2, and will support 3G, 4G, Mini, Nano and 5G Video iPods. The base with one speaker will be $299 (MSRP), while the base along is $199, and each additional speaker is $129.