Crunchgear @ MacWorld 2007: The Keynote Is Over

Here is the live transcript of CrunchGear’s coverage of the Apple Keynote at MacWorld 2007.

11:00 PST – Iphone hopes to change the industry in 2007. “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it’s been.” Huge applause. End of Transmission.

10:58 PM – Clickers dead – problem.
Can’t get anything done. Stalling – tells how he and Woz made a TV jammer. Yeah..just reselling it now. Apple stock just went up 5.26. Hes had ceo of google/cingular here and co founder of yahoo. Apple is now ‘Apple Inc.’

10:52 PST – Cingular sez: honor to work with apple – didn’t even see the phone before they signed the contract. AT&T wrote the book on telecomm.

10:50 PST – Available from Cingular stores AND Apple stores.

10:49 PST – We get it june O7. Asia gets it 08. And they’re partnering with Cingular.

10:47 PST – 4GB model is $499. 8GB model is $599. Available in June. Pricey.

10:46 PST – Iphone is *your life in your pocket* Cost is…. headphones are crazy 200 patents advanced the state of the art

10:44 PST – New headphones..with microphone built in, and microphone switch. New bluetooth. After today people aren’t going to look at phones the same way again.

10:40 PST – Real time photo editing, sending. Multitasking.

10:38 PST – Two greatest companies on the web, sez Jobs. Yahoo and Google on the same stage? Strange.

10:37 PM – Jerry Yang comes on – Yahoo + Apple. Yahoo Go – mail and search. Spam protection. Blackberry without an exchange server.

10:34 PST – Apple and Google’s CEO Schmidt joke about merging – Apple Goo. Rumors of google+apple device? Yahoo search

10:32 PST – Google maps i really cool on it. Searching, dialing a certain place is easy, satellite images can be displayed

10:29 PST – Jobs prank calls starbucks.

10:27 PST – Apple shares up $2.50 on announcement.

10:26 PST – Can have multiple web pages..expose/dashboard style. Rad!

10:24 PST – Reading email like you’re used to. Double tap zooms you in anywhere on the web page..also zooms you out.

10:22 PST – Full desktop class email. Safari looks hot on it. Hes loading up the ny times over wifi.

10:20 PST – Email displaysreally well. Rich text. Can push phone numbers displayed anywhere to auto call a place.

10:18 PST – Widgets, google maps, safari (full html), can auto switch to wifi when detected. Rich HTML email. will have free push imap mail fom yahoo. widgets.

10:17 PST – Zoom in and out by “pinching” images

10:16 PST – Yes sms. Onscreen keyboard. Looks like ichat.

10:14 PST – SMS looks like ichat.

10:13 PST – Tim Cook’s voicemail – revenue results. Al Gore calls?

10:10 PST – No 3G, apparently.

10:08 PST – Jobs calls Jon Ives – creator of iPod. Create conf call with touchscreen.

10:05 PST – Killer app is making calls. Sync with Mac or PC. Quad-band GSM + EDGE. Bluetooth, WiFi. SMS. Random access voicemail.

9:57 PST – Unlock phone by swiping screen. PICKS THE BEATLES – BEATLES ON ITUNES. Dashboard-like interface. Raj sez: Dude this is the coolest phone ive ever seen. The touch screen like rubber bands. Rubber bands, raj?

9:56 PST – 4089961010 – What is this? Proximity sensor! put it up to face and screens shuts down. Landscape or portrait mode. Cingular’s got it. Uses coverflow for images. Number is the apple sales #.

9:54 PST – 3.5 inch touchscreen. 1 button. phone button. thinner than all of them. 3.5 inch. 160 pixels per inch. One home button. 11.6 mm thin. 2mp cam on back. Headset jack on top. SIM slot. Bottom has microphone.ipod connector. 3 sensors bu
ilt into the phone. When u raise it to answer call it auto shuts off touch.
2-megapixel camera. GSM. Sleep wake switch.

9:53 PST – Syncs through itunes… ical, address book. 8GB storage.

9:50 PST – Raj sez: Iphone runs osx! It can run real desktop class apps. And networkig.

9:49 PST – Multi-finger gestures. “”So how are we going to take this to a mobile device? Get rid of all the buttons, and just make a giant screen. So how are we going to communicate? We’re going to use a stylus? No. Who wants a stylus? Yuck!” QWERY keyboard on touchscreen. Uses Mac OS X. Mouse… wheel… multitouch.

9:48 PST – Q, E62, Blackberry – all the iPhone’s ancestors.

9:46 PST – Leapfrog product. Smartphones SUCK. Its a widesceen, touchscreen ipod phone that is also an internet comm.

9:42 PST – Industry changing item. New phone and Internet communicator. iPhone… cheers cheers cheers. All one device. Touchscreen. Widescreen ipod AND MOBILE PHONE. Breakthrough Internet communication device. iPhone name is confirmed.

That’s it for Apple TV.

9:40 PST – iTunes library authenication – select content to stream. PIN? $299, ship in february, order it today. Apple TV OUT!

9:37 PST – Cover flow interface – just like new iTunes cover flow. Showing interface.

9:32 PST – Raj sez: Atv interface is rad. Its like ipod meets zune.

9:31 PST – Simple Apple remote. 10 most recent unwatched movies ready to stream. PC AND MAC.

9:28 PM – Hook up Apple TV to widescreen tv. stream content to your TV. Component, hdmi and outputs at 720p. 40gb hd. 802.11 wifi b g n (!!). Intel chip. Itv is now titled apple tv. Wirelessly streams media. Component, hdmi and outputs at 720p. 40gb hd. 802.11 wifi (b g n). Intel processor. up to 720p HD Video. 40GB for video. video, music, photos. stream content from up to five computers.

9:27 PST – Debut of Apple TV. Launch September.

9:25 – Steve harshes on Zune – 2% market share. New iPod ads.

9:23 PST – Paramount has joined with itunes. Also selling movies now. 4th largest music retailer in the US.

9:21 PST – Info on iPods – 2 billion songs. The itunes drop was fake..itunes is outselling amazon in music. Over 50M shows sold on itunes

9:20 PST – Jim Allchin coming out? Nope. Vista Ad with Hodgman and Long. Major SURGERY upgrading to Vista.

9:18 PST – Steve talking about Vista. “Year ago we moved to Intel.” Retail stores are selling to switchers.

9:16 PST – People are standing on seats. Crazy noise for Steve. “We’re making history today.”

9:11 PST- Raj is in.

9:07 PST – Major drama. Apparently the folks at MacWorld Expo are giving our man on the floor, Raj, a hard time.

8:58 PST – Looks like we’re situated. Apple Store is down, which means hardware is on the way.