CES: Cobra Adds Red-Light Camera Detection to Line-Up

First we had radar detectors, which cops hated. So the fuzz started using lasers to track our overzealous speed infractions. Thus, laser detectors were added to the radar detectors, giving us radar/laser detectors. So police started using these horrible cameras to take photos of our license plates as we sped through yellows, so they could dirty our mailboxes with citations. But finally we’re able to fight back!

Cobra, makers of many things that rest upon your dash to outsmart Smokey, has unveiled the world’s first red-light camera detector, which sits atop a regular radar/laser detector. This new, bright invention allows us to drive fifty-five without having to hit the brakes at “those” intersections. For handing the reigns of rebellion to us roadsters, he say “Huzzah! Huzzah, Cobra!”

Now all we need is to get a car, and we’re set.