Apple Set to Launch New Airport Gear

What good are all the 802.11n draft WiFi cards Apple has been hiding in its latest Macs if you don’t have a base station to go along with them?

Sure, there are non-Apple base stations you could go for, but if you’re a hardcore Maclover, you want the real deal. That’s why we’re relatively certain that this week at MacWorld (if not tomorrow) we’ll be introduced to Airport Extreme Super Ultra Hella. Or something like that.

We’re also hearing rumors of a lightweight airport express “light”, losing the printer sharing and WiFi replicating features, but keeping the wireless music capabilities, probably also using 802.11n.

We’re much more confindent on the first than the second, but with the avalanche of media products Apple’s set to unleash, it’s as likely as the words “Lohan” and “Relapse” hitting the headlines of the Star this week. Why do we think so? Because this description of a MacWorld event pretty much spills everything all over the stage. That’s why.