Siren Announces Wireless Headphones and Screamer Music Streamer

Newcomer Siren has announced some decently priced items that will no doubt be shown off at CES. The $129 Siren Screamer is a wireless music device similar to Slim Devices’ Squeezebox in that it lets you stream music from your computer to your home stereo. It comes with a remote with a built-in LCD display for browsing, is iTunes and WMP compatible, and has a range of up to 150 feet. Pretty sweet for $129.

Also announced are the Siren Wireless headphones (pictured). They’re $99 wireless headphones that can do 120-feet and five hours of playback on a single charge. What makes these so special? A built-in wireless microphone lets you use the headphones along with Skype. Both of these look promising and they’re available in March. We’ll be sure to check ‘em out at CES and will let you know what we think.