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iAlbum Lets You Bring Photos Directly From Camera To iPod

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Ever wanted to take the awesome photos from your digital camera and throw them on your iPod immediately? I haven’t and probably won’t ever need to thanks to iPhoto, iTunes, and iPod-syncing. But perhaps you have a PC or a need to get those photos from your digicam right onto your iPod? Say hello to iAlbum.

Sakar International’s iAlbum is a little accessory that allows the direct transfer of photos off of a Memory Stick of SD card to your iPod without the need for a computer. It works with 4G (color/photo) and 5G iPods, comes in black and white, and will set you back about $90. Not too bad a price for what it does, though I’d have no use for it. The iAlbum will be available later this month.

iAlbum to allow iPod photo transfers from SD, Memory Stick [iLounge]

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