The Sucky Future Is Now: In-Car WiFi

Further adding to the headache that is the rental car experience, Avis will be adding WiFi services to all of its rental cars as an add-on service, starting next year. Autonet Mobile, the provider of the service, is poised to announce the deal at CES, but we caught early wind via the NY Times.

For $11 a day, you can download porn at 60MPH, which, really, is the fulfillment of the original promise of the information age. We’d like to see one of these featured in a kiddie-porn-themed remake of Pump Up the Volume, but sadly that won’t be happening. We’re really not sure what the point of the service is, unless you’ve got a whole team in your car with you, in which case they’re just too damned impatient. Really, with Starbucks featuring T-Mobile hotspots every 50 feet or so throughout Americaland, do we NEED in-car WiFi?

Yah, probably.

Wi-Fi Is Hitting the Road in Cars From Avis, but Technical and Legal Bumps Lie Ahead [NY Times]