Got Cash And Want Water-Based Thrills? Check Out Seabreacher

This is certainly one of the more extreme watersport toys available. The $78,000+, custom-made Seabreacher is a force for H2O to reckon with. Sort-of like a jet-ski, this dolphin-shaped vessel comes with 175-horsepower motor to propel you through water (and out if it) at extreme speeds. If death is your style, a 300-horsepower supercharged model is available.

You can even fly up to 15-feet in the air with it due to its amazing engineering. It weighs 1000-pounds, is 14-foot, 10-inches shorter than melong, and has cockpit glass three quarters of an inch thick that’s normally used in Raptor-22 jet planes. I’m sold. Let me just rob that Bank of America around the corner and I’ll be on our way to test drive one.

Amazing £40,000 ‘dolphin boat’ which can leap out of the water [Daily Mail]