AT&T Completing Cingular Merger, Confusing Mobile History Buffs

You might recall a few years back when Cingular bought out AT&T Wireless for billions of dollars. As turn-about is fair play, AT&T is now poised to acquire Cingular. Of course, AT&T Wireless was an entirely separate company than AT&T, it was spun off as an independent and allowed to use the brand. That AT&T, of course, was bought out by SBC last year, who then renamed itself AT&T. So the AT&T buying Cingular has almost nothing to do with the AT&T Wireless that Cingular bought. To make matter more clear, AT&T will re-brand Cingular as AT&T Wireless.

Got it? Good.

We’re not yet sure what this will mean for Cingy’s customers, but look for aggressive combo packages (cell + landline on one bill, omg!) in the coming months, but bigger and better after the summer.

AT&T + Cingular [AT&T News Page]