GSN Pays Tribute To Saddam Hussein With New Game

I’m all for hatin’ on deposed murderous dictators as much as the next person. This, however, seems like is just asking for trouble now. The Game Show Network’s Web site is host to a number of mini games lampooning people in the news and this week they’ve decided to take on Saddam’s death sentence. The site apparently feels this topic is on the same level as O.J.’s book deal and Mel Gibson’s drunk driving arrest.

The game plays just like traditional hangman, but Saddam will taunt you along the way with choice phrases like “Americans can’t spell” or “I laugh at your letters.” Ha.

This will likely result in jihad against me and the CG staff, but I just report the “news,” so, and I mean this quite literally, don’t shoot the messengers, m’kay?