Reader Response: Holiday SPECTACULAR Day 03

It’s a good thing this is a slow week, because I don’t think I’d be able to hang otherwise. I think I overdosed on tryptophan at some point Monday evening and my body has been reeling to reachieve equilibrium. In the meantime, I’m in slow motion along with the week.

But that didn’t stop me from finding a winner for day three of our Holiday SPECTACULAR. He is the now the proud owner of both a pair of Ultimate Ears Studio 3 headphones and an ifrogz gift card worth $36.

Paul Thompson is today’s victor and it was a clear win to me. There are a few of you currently in the running for Friday’s second grand prize of the week. You know who you are, so don’t slack off.

We still have a bunch more prizes this week. Tomorrow we’ll be giving away an ifrogz gift card worth $36 and Friday we have another gift card plus another pair of Ultimate Ears Studio 3 headphones.

The rules are as always. Commenters will be judged on both frequency and quality of comments. To win, you absolutely must enter your email address in the commenter information field. We will not select anyone who hasn’t entered an email address.

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