Motorola A910 Gets FCC High Five

Good news for those of you are beyond sick of Motorola’s crappy OS: Moto’s A910 won’t come with it. The FCC approved Motorola’s new Linux-based A910 cellphone for use on GSM networks. Features you ask? Oh there are plenty of them. The A910 comes packed with GPRS and UMA for connecting over WLAN networks, a new Linux-Java based platform, 1.3-megapixel camera with external display and photo lighting, video capability, streaming video, MP3 player, a TransFlash card slot for extra storage, Bluetooth, and more.

Basically, we know you’re drooling over both the features and design. So are we. Expect it to come out soon though now that the FCC has approved it. Pricing should be moderate but not overly expensive

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