Interesting Timing: TailRank Launches Video Today Too

TailRank and competitor Megite are fighting for second place behind blog news leader, TechMeme. It’s not surprising that both companies are expanding into ranking popular videos, too. But it’s surprising that both companies launched their products on the same day. We covered Megite earlier, and then received an email from TailRank founder Kevin Burton that they have just launched their product as well.

The basic idea is the same – TailRank is analyzing videos that blogs link to and embed on their sites, and then determine what videos are popular based on the aggregate weighted statistics. Bigger blogs get more weight, but smaller blogs get a vote, too.

Competition is a great thing, and these companies are competing hard. Megite even recently took a swipe at TailRank based on recent Alexa stats, here. As to video, which product is better? Well, they look about the same, although I give a slight nudge to Megite based on on the interface, which shows more videos on a page.