Megite's Alternative Way to Rank Popular Videos

Megite, a blog aggregation news service (see here for a comparison of Megite to its competitors) has launched a videos vertical that tracks popular videos in an interesting way. Unlike the Digg video channel, which ranks videos based solely on user voting, Megite’s ranking is based on what vidoes blogs are linking to or embedding into their sites (the same way Megite tracks other news). An authoritative blog linking to a video can drive it up in the rankings, as will a large number of less authoritative blogs. The “freshness” of the video is also important (meaning Megite is tracking newly uploaded videos). Megite is tracking 20 video sites, although understandably YouTube is currently dominating the results.

This is a good way to rank videos because it suffers from less potential voting fraud than, say, Digg. If an established blog links to a video there’s a very good chance it is a real vote for that video. Taking aggregate statistics from tens of thousands of blogs will tend to yield very good results.

More from Rex Dixon, who also links to an interview he recently conducted with Megite founder Matthew Chen.