The Wikisearch Screenshot Isn't Wikiasari, So What Is It?

A couple of days ago I posted a screenshot of what I believed to be an early version of the new Wikiasari search engine that Jimmy Wales has been talking about. Our source was good, and I went with it.

But Wales is saying that the screenshot has nothing to do with the project, in a comment to that post and also on the Wikiasari page on Wikia (since taken down, but screenshot is here).

The Wikiasari page also now gives a bit about the background of the project, and Wikisearch is not mentioned. The project was originally called 3apes.

So that leaves us with the Wikisearch screenshot, and I’m trying to figure out what it is. One of the commenters to the original post pointed out that it looks like its part of this project, which includes the Wikia logo on the bottom right. Unless it’s a fake site, that means it’s a Wikia search project, just as Wikiasari is.

So if Wikisearch isn’t Wikiasari, what the heck is it?