Xbox 360 Warranty Extended to One Year

Here’s one that hits close to home. I bought an Xbox 360 a couple of months ago and have been really enjoying it. Then Wednesday night, I was about to violate Biggs in “Gears of War” and the DVD drive crapped out.

Now my stuff is still under warranty, and I have the Best Buy service plan, but seeing how quickly it exploded, I’m sure others weren’t so lucky. Essentially though, if you’ve gotten an Xbox 360, your warranty has been extended to one year. this works retroactively too, so if you’ve paid for repairs after the original 90 day window elapsed, you’re probably eligible for a reimbursement.

It sucks that Microsoft apparently used problematic parts to build the 360, but I guess at least it’s good that it’s accepting responsibility for the errors. Meh, I’m not looking forward to standing in line for an Xbox 360 exchange today.

Microsoft Extends Xbox 360 Warranty to One Year [via Gizmodo]