Snakes On A Phone: Vertu Cobra

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Here’s a riddle for you kiddies. What costs more than a Lamborghini, has a bejeweled snake on it, and is designed for those who need compensation in their nether regions? Give up?

It’s the Vertu Cobra! I totally fooled you. The Cobra costs a whopping $310,000 and comes with tons of diamonds, emeralds and an load of rubies.

Don’t forget though, this is a Vertu. Which means it’s not feature-rich, comes with no kind of cool tech stuff, and you’re screwed if you lose it. You’ll be able to find the Cobra in Us Weekly, InTouch, and other tabloids that feature Paris Hilton.

Vertu Cobra $310,000 Cellphone: Features Justify The Price? [Gizmodo]

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