Reader Response: Festivus Week – Day 4

The sky is falling! Or at least is seems like it. There is some apocalyptic raining goin’ on down here in NOLA. Katrina Deux perhaps. Flooding everywhere. I saw kids paddling canoes down the street through several feet of water. Yea. It was messy. I spent most of the day cowering from rain and thunder—a solid excuse to make some headway in the new Pynchon novel Against the Day.

But none of that matters to you all I presume. I trust you’ve been awaiting the announcement of the the fourth Sandisk winner with bated breath. Good, because after some consideration, I’ve selected your fourth winner.

Amit is the winner of the fourth Sandisk Cruzer drive. He will be receiving a Cruzer Titanium for his efforts. Congrats.

For those of you who didn’t walk away victorious today, don’t fret. There are still a lot of prizes left in our reader response series. Tomorrow, for instance, we’ll have our big, big prize, a Nikon D40 digital SLR camera kit valued at $600. If you’re interested in making it yours, all you have to do is comment and be sure to enter your email address in the commenter information form.