Yoto's MP4: I Want One!

Yoto, not to be confused with Yoko, is launching it’s 1GB mp4 player, the V200, in China with a ginormous 2.4-inch QVGA display wrapped in metal with all buttons and ports placed along the side so you can enjoy all that Pr()n on the train to work.

Why is it that we here in the States just get screwed when it comes to gadgets like this? Granted there may be better players we can get but for a mere 50 bucks I’d sure like this player to come stateside so I can watch videos on the train without having to shell out a few hundred for a Zune, iPod etc.

Now that my rant is over here are the few stats released for the V200. Playback via DivX and H.264, nicely equipped with a miniSD card slot, an RK2608A chip and you can use it as an e-book, photoviewer and play games.

As mentioned before it goes for about $50.

Yoto mp4 [AVING]