Lamp with USB Charging Port

, we thought we’d share this soon-to-be-released lamp that caught our wary but wandering eye. The SI561 is, by most accounts, a standard desk lamp, featuring a regular 3-prong power socket on the base to provide convenient power to your laptop or what have you.

The fun here is that the lamp, which just cleared FCC for some reason, also sports a secondary USB port. There’s no data here, it’s not a hub. The port is there solely for the purpose of charging gear that charges via USB, and that is all.

We love the idea of random USB ports for charging integrated wherever they can be. We’ve seen desks with the feature, but desk accessories sporting USB power is a great match. When it comes out, look for it exclusively from Sharper Image.

Sharper Image integrates USB charger into desk lamp [Mobile Mag]