Helio Allows Customers To Use Obopay

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Today Helio announced that its subscribers will be able to pay their bills via Obopay. Targeted mostly for pay-as-you-go users, Obopay is the latest in MasterCard’s way of having you spend money on their terms. It works sort-of like a prepaid credit card that you can use to top up minutes, buy crappy wallpapers, and such. But it’s also so much more!

Helio says that if you have a phone with Obopay on it, money can be sent to you from anyone. This is a great way to buy your friends who you occasionally talk to a small — gift like a ringtone or video game (NOTE TO MEN: Do not buy your sig other a ringtone). It seems like a decent product and if you visit Obopay’s website, you can get $5 for signing up and an additional $5 for scamming your pals referrals.

Helio taps into Obopay [Electronista]

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