Panasonic Upgrades Wireless WAN in Toughbooks

months of rough treatment, but it keeps on going. My iPod has the same story, as does my Powerbook, now a year old. But I take it relatively easy on my gear compared to some of you, those working construction jobs, who are on the road half the time, or are in scientific labs where anything can happen.

Panasonic’s got your back with new upgrades to its Toughbooks. Many pros swear by these rough-and-tumble notebooks, and Panasonic has just unveiled upgrades to the wireless functionalities in two of its models: the W5 and T5 notebooks can now connect to Sprint’s EV-DO Revision A network where available. No card is needed, the wireless broadband modems are built-in.

These models have had access to Verizon’s EV-DO and Cigular’s UMTS network for awhile now, but this marks the first time these notebooks can take advantage of the higher speeds Rev. A offers. Users will need a data plan from Sprint to access the Rev. A network, but the pricing is just a little more than standard home broadband, making it attractive to those who spend time on the road. These tough, slim lappies are being billed as “Business-rugged”, and we believe the hype. Toughtbooks have a well-deserved reputation behind the name, and making them slimmer and more connected can only make them more appealing.

Business Rugged [Panasonic]