Zune's Secret Shutdown Extends Battery Life

For those of you that have gotten your hands on a Zune (Zuners) here’s a tip from Web site Zunerama about getting a little extra juice from you new mobile media player. It’s all in how you shut the device down.

Instead of holding the pause/play button down till the screen goes dim, try holding down the down button on the directional pad along with the Back button at the same time.

This sends the Zune into a deeper state of offness. It takes just a few more seconds to get up and running again (and I mean only a few) and it’s a fresh restart, so it opens up to the home screen, not what was playing before you shut it off. But hey, seems like a small price for some extra Zune-time.

A simple trick for extending Zune battery life [zunerama]
Thanks Harvey!