Stick It to the RIAA Like It's 1992

Back in the ’90s, I was in a few “popular” local indie-rock bands. These were in the days of analog recording in a digital world, only high-end peecees had CD-R capabilities, and those were mostly for data purposes. Thus, the library of my greatest guitar licks and sad songs about girls who’s names I’ve forgotten is all on analog tapes.

Thankfully, I’ve come across the Plus Deck 2c, an analog cassette tape drive for your computer. It’s installable into any 5.25-inch drive in your computer, and has the appropriate cabling to hook into your sound card. The controls are all hardware on the outside, there’s nothing really hi-tech here, but that’s part of why it’s awesome.

Put simply, you play back tapes through your computer’s audio subsystem, which means you can digitize your tapes directly into digital copies, which you can then DRM and sell, making a few cents each. We wish that it included data services, though. Backing up your HD to cassette tapes would be so, ya know, something.

Ripping from CDs is so turn of the century. In 2007, we’re ripping from analog, babe. Analog.

Plus Deck Cassette Converter [Firebox]