Google Audio Ads Snag

Google’s ambitious foray into radio advertisements may be significantly delayed, says RBC Capital Markets analyst Jordan Rohan. The problem? Google may not have access to enough radio airtime for advertisers to test the product.

We first wrote about Google Audio ads a week ago when competitor was saying flat out that Google copied part of their product. Google plans to handle audio ads for customers from soup to nuts: assistance with ad creation, the ability to bid on radio spots, and target ads by geography, station type, listener demographics and time of day.

But none of this is useful if Google isn’t able to get access to advertising inventory. “We believe a critical mass of advertisers is interested in testing the platform,” Rohan said. “However, there is simply not enough radio inventory in the Google Audio system (yet) to enable buyers to run campaigns.”

Google may be working on a deal with CBS Radio to get access to more ad space.