BluOynx Mobile Content Server

Agere Systems has announced the BluOynx Mobile Content Server, a device that aims to un-tether users from PCs and stationary storage devices. The BluOynx server is a small portable server that is controlled via cell phone.

It is about the size of a credit card and supports USB, Bluetooth and WiFi. The server will come in capacities ranging from 1GB – 40GB.

One of BluOynx’s more interesting features is that it’s controlled not by a built-in screen, but rather by a cell phone. Users log into the server with their cell phones to change the servers settings and such.

Another cool element is that it can be setup to stream and share media to other nearby authorized users. It can be used to backup files. And if its connected to WiFi, it can serve broadband to cell phones that do not have wireless broadband.

The retail price of the BluOnyx server is expected to range from $99 to $250 depending on storage capacity.