Death from Above: WowWee Dragonfly

Holy crap this looks cool. WowWee, makers of the popular Robosapien, are preparing to take to the air with the Dragonfly.

The Dragonfly is a radio controlled device doesn’t seem to have any AI, but what it lacks in brains, it makes up in flight. That’s right, the Dragonfly is capable of impressive duration flights. It’s able to fly for about 15 minutes on one charge.

Sure it flaps wildly and looks like it could probably put out an eye, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look like a lot of fun. I’d like to get one to terrorize my cat with.

The crew over at T3, the self-proclaimed “world’s No. 1 gadget mag,” has gotten its paws on on a Dragonfly and has put up a video taste. Check it out.

Dragonfly robot filmed [T3 via Engadget]