Preparing For Apollo

2007 will bring the launch of the much anticipated Adobe Apollo platform, a cross platform run time that will allow developers to take rich internet applications, whether they be built on Flash, HTML, JavaScript and/or Ajax, and turn them into desktop applications.

Apollo will be useful for running desktop versions of critical web applications like email and calendaring, where offline access and application speed is sometimes important. Potential developers are already taking notice: eBay is working on a project called “San Dimas” to run on Apollo, although there are no announced plans to release it yet.

We’re excited about Apollo because it has the potential to be the launchpad for entirely new classes of startups. It could be the technology to watch for 2007. And Adobe is certainly counting on it to drive future revenue.

I had the opportunity to interview Kevin Lynch, Adobe’s senior vice president and chief software architect, about the upcoming launch of Apollo. Steve Gillmor joined me as well. Listen to the 37 minute podcast over on TalkCrunch, and let us know what you think Apollo’s “killer app” might be.

Screenshots below.