Reader Response Week Three

Consider this the conclusion of week three of reader response. We’ve had some incredibly insightful comments and, as always, I’m proud of each and every one of you&mdashyou’re all winners to me!

I’m going to do this as one big announcement with both the winner of the Nike+iPod adapter and then the final M2 Convert winners. And so, without further adieu:

Commenting this week was as fierce as ever. Many, many quality comments from a staggering number of perspectives. We did, however, manage to narrow it down to one winner. This week Lp walks away with the grand prize Nike+iPod adapter.

Please, please don’t get discouraged if you didn’t win. We’re giving away a lot more stuff next week. Expect an announcement about that shortly.

As for the final 20 M2 Convert winners. The lucky winners are:

  • Brooke
  • Kimmy
  • Jeremy
  • steve
  • zigby
  • steveg
  • pastco
  • David
  • Julianm
  • Zanxx
  • Steve
  • Addex
  • mathew
  • Johnal
  • Brian Hoyt
  • IzziHD
  • Nick Dynice
  • Kurt Collins
  • Patrick
  • Ken Stone
  • Congratulations to everyone. We’ll be announcing next week’s BIG contest in the next hour or so.