ezGear ezPlay Portable DVD Player With ezVision Is Very EZ

A company like ezGear should lay off the EZ a bit but we’ll let it slide for now. Its new ezPlay Portable DVD Player is pretty decent looking. It’s shaped like an old-school Sony Discman and plays DVD, MP4, VCD, CD, and MP3 discs. What sets it apart from all other portable DVD players though is that you can hook it up to ezGear’s ezVision Video iWear system.

The ezVision system is basically a headset you wear that gives you “a 50” Wide Screen View, Ultra Light Weight at just 68-grams, Built in Stereo Audio, Eight (8) hour Battery Life, [and] Privacy.” Altogether it sounds like a decent package and is probably amazing during long airplane flights. You can pick up the ezPlay Portable DVD Player for $119.99 in stores and online.