Amazon To Sell Wii and PS3 Soon

If you’re pounding the pavement looking for a Nintendo Wii or Sony PS3, then this should take a load off. We’ve heard from a credible source that Amazon is going to start selling both game consoles “in the coming days.”

Finding a Wii or a PS3 is like finding a four-leaf clover these days. Stores like Best Buy simply cannot keep them on the shelves fast enough and you have to pay through the nose to get one on eBay.

wii.jpgAmazon sold out of the Wii on the first day it was released in less than one minute and has not been able to keep PS3 in stock consistently at all. Our source tells us that the site will be ready to take orders for both again soon, although we don’t know exactly when. Both systems are available for resale on the site, but for two and three times their shelf value.

As far as we can tell, Amazon has yet to set a price for either console but we suspect that they will sell them for the retail price. It is possible that they will do a similar promotion as the one they did for Xbox in November, although not likely. Gamers can just be happy to have a sure-fire way to purchase these precious machines, rather than stand out in the cold in front of an electronics store, hoping to find gold. Good move Amazon!

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