demos Salesforce model

Irish software startup has gone live with a demo site. The hosted eBusiness suite offers a pretty wide collection of integrated tools to help people run their business, not dissimilar to the ASP model of offering things like accounting packages online. Right now the system is live and showing demo companies for users to trial the site and kick the tyres before a full launch at a later date.

In an email interview with TCUKI, Panthius’ Chief Architect Robert O’Leary said: “The model is similar to in that the system is offered as a service to subscribers, with a monthly cost associated. However, the entry cost is very low at just 49 euros per month, and we’re offering a full suite of tools, not just CRM.”

The Panthius Plus version offers tools like webstore management, CRM tools, warehouse management, supply chain management, business intelligence tools, a full accounting package, and so on.

O’Leary said all of the tools are integrated on the site, which will also offer customisation services and public APIs for third-party developers in the new year. (Great, we like public APIs at TechCrunch).

The company was started in early 2004 is based in Blackrock, Dublin, and has 6 full-time staff, aside from contractors. It’s privately backed , although they say VC is being “lined-up.”

Technology-wise the system is a J2EE enterprise application. The entire platform is based on open-source tools and – according to O’Leary – runs on a JBoss Application server with a Postgres back-end, all hosted on Linux servers.