ACESS Announces ALP Delayed Till '07

Palm OS and cell phone developers have been waiting patiently for ACCESS to release the development environment for ALP, or ACCESS Linux Platform, the company’s successor to the aging Palm OS. ACESS had told developers that it would release the package by the end of the year, however a statement on its Website today says that the deadline will not be met. Further, the statement notes that it should be available in the first half of 2007.

This, combined with Palm’s recent omnivorous Palm OS 5 licensing deal, is bad news for fans of the platform, though it’s by no means a sign of the end. When ALP does finally surface, it should mark the first operating system truly designed for handhelds and smartphones from the ground up since Symbian. It brings multi-tasking and multiple application layers to (theoretical) Palm devices for the first time.

It will, that is, if we ever see it.

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