iGlove for the Frigid

This one goes out to all of our readers in the freezing, freezing cold. The iGlove Multi from Marmot not only those those precious digits toasty, it also solves the problem of not being able to manipulate an iPod’s Clock Wheel. I don’t think you can control it with every finger, but the pointers and the thumbs appear to be comprised of some shiny, and possibly magical, substance.

They don’t look too bad either, so they might be a viable option for daily winter wear. That is, of course, provided they’re not like those massive gloves your mom used to encase your hands in when you were seven, standing in Louisiana “snow.” The kind that were so unwieldy that your hands were more like dumb stumps than the ambidextrous ninja killing machines that you have today.

Anywho, you can grab a pair of the Marmot iGlove’s for the reasonable price of $35.00. They’re comprised Apex Stretch Fleece with silicone grips and reinforced with nylon and pixie dust.

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[via Uncrate]