Caroling For Pop Culture: Sing Along With "Nuckin' Futs" By JibJab

Warning: this post is not for my readers without a sense of humor. If you have no sense of humor, skip to the next story post haste. If you have a sense of humor, please treat yourself to some nightcap entertainment by way of JibJab’s latest release, “Nuckin’ Futs.”

JibJab, a digital comedy network, is known for its parody cartoons, such as “This Land,” the Bush/Kerry cartoon that circulated the Web during the 2004 presidential elections. “Nuckin’ Futs” is a tongue-in-cheek look at world culture from 2006. In case you missed it, Lance Bass is gay, Britney Spears is divorcing and flashing her private parts, Mel Gibson is a drunk bastard, and Fidel Castro is barely alive. All of these points and more are covered in the melody, set to the tune of Jingle Bells. It’s not PC. Not even a little.

“The Web gives us the creative freedom to make videos we think are funny without having to worry about what a studio executive is going to think,” said Gregg and Evan Spiridellis, co-founders of JibJab, in a statement sent to TechCrunch on Monday. “We are in the midst of a media revolution where mega-media conglomerates are losing their grip on the audience and new brands like JibJab are being born. It’s a very exciting time to be creative entrepreneurs.”

TechCrunch reviewed some JibJab videos in October. Not only did we LOL, we maintained that JibJab has some serious market potential in the online content channel space.

“Nuckin’ Futs” will premiere tonight on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” making it the eighth JibJab video to appear on the show. It is now available for free on JibJab’s site, or MSNVideo.

“Nuckin’ Futs” is nuckin’ funny! Our only complaint is that TechCrunch was left out of the parody. I mean, what says pop culture more than a tech blog/news site!?

“Funny that you say that but I mentioned to Gregg that we need to figure out how to do that in a future release,” said Dave Schappell, vice president of marketing for JibJab. “We actually worked in Google/YouTube. Thought everyone in the Bay Area would get a chuckle out of that.”

“I watched “Nuckin’ Futs” and I think JibJab…

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