Apple Takes to Friendly Skies

Apple has announced that it has struck deals with Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM and United to provide seamless integration for iPod on flights. Starting in early 2007, iPod owners will be able to plug their devices into seat adapters that will charge their players and play video on the seat displays. So that the next time you fly, you might be subjected to your single-serving-friend’s peculiar movie tastes.

This is an significant development for Apple and a heavy blow against Microsoft and it’s Zune. If Redmond is truly serious about making the Zune a contender it’s going to have to quickly develop relationships with other airlines (like Southwest) as well as develop an adapter that’ll let Zune users play their devices on iPod-planes.

Whatever the case, it’s cool to see this happening. It’s pretty infuriating to have your DAP gasp its last breath while you’re in the air. Now if only they’d make regular power jacks regular so I could just use my laptop.

Apple Teams Up… [via Gizmodo]