Three Million Sending It With YouSendIt

File delivery company YouSendIt told TechCrunch yesterday that it had recently surpassed its three millionth user. While our initial experiences with YouSendIt were not smooth, we have since come to consider it quite a good service. We spoke to CEO Ivan Koon today to see what the company has been up to lately.

“The real reason behind the press release, aside from just wanting to brag a little bit, is that we are a very good case of proving Web 2.0, Office 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, whatever you want to call it,” Koon said. “We started as a free-for-all where anyone could come to our site and use us to send large files and we have very successfully evolved from a Web service for consumers into a Web service for business users.”

Koon said that the majority of YouSendIt customers are business users from small to medium-sized business. The company is also reporting 300 percent growth since September of this year and 200 percent growth in paid subscribers in the same time period.

“Our quarter-to-quarter growth in terms of total revenue is about 50 percent,” Koon said. “Consumers don’t necessarily pay for the service but business users are very willing to pay for services as long as it helps them do their work and it is a service they trust.”

With YouSendIt, the sender chooses either password protection or authentication through login to control who receives their files. Koon said that the company has over 200 highly-secured file servers on both coasts.

Other file sharing sites that we’ve found comparable to YouSendIt are Pando and Zapr.