Battle Test: G-Tech Messenger Bag

When I was first contacted about the The Professional messenger bag from G-Tech, I was mainly intrigued by its iPod functionality. Not only does it have ElekTex fiber controls on the shoulder strap, it has a an integrated speaker for blasting your music publicly. Sure the idea is like something from the ’80s, but like I said, I found its convergence intriguing.

After some coordination, we tried to get the bag into my hands before I departed from New Orleans for a several week trip. The thought was that I’d get the bag just in time to use it on the road under the demands of the most relevant type of battle test for a bag: traveling. That was the thought at least.

Unfortunately, the bag ended up arriving after my departure and I was unable to conduct my wicked experiments on it. What happened next wasn’t planned, but ended up working out nicely, I think.

My mother walked in from work one day after I had left and found the package sitting at the door. As per her habit, she phoned to inform me that I had a delivery, at which time I prompted her to open it and let me know what it was. As I had expected, it was the The Professional. My mom remarked on how she needed a new messenger bag for her day-to-day and it was then that the idea entered my brain. What better way to test a bag than to subject it to the train wreck that is my mother? She works in a laboratory and it can be volatile to say the least.

And so I asked, “Why don’t you take that one and write it up?”

She responded coyly, something to the effect of *in my mother’s accent*, “Oh I wouldn’t know the first thing about reviewing anything?”

“Nonsense,” I exclaimed, “you’re more than capable.”

And so with that, being a good mother, she agreed with some reluctance, but as we wrapped up our conversation I could detect a hint of excitement in her tone; an eagerness to tackle a new task. Indeed I was somewhat excited to read the perspective of my mom on a product review, something I do daily.

Time elapsed. I returned home. Saw the bag. It was definitely being used. I waited for her review.

Finally, yesterday morning I awoke and on my desk rest a neatly typed copy of her review. A busy day, of course, prevented me from approaching it until the evening, but when I did, this is what I found:

The Professional from G-Tech by Kathy Robinson

I have to admit that it took some coercion for me to try this bag. I had a two year old messenger bag that had its faults, not to mention lost and hidden treasures in the bottom, but I had become comfortable with it. But after Blake pestered me (edit: She lies, I didn’t pester. – Blake), I reluctantly agreed to review the G-Tech messenger. So kicking and screaming, I loaded my things into the The Professional.

The first thing I noticed was that my things actually had a place that fit. Although I don’t always bring my laptop to work, I was inclined to do so more often due to how neatly it fit amongst my things.I used the front flap compartment for my person effects: wallet, keys, etc. There is also a cell phone space on this flap that is accessible from the outside. Now I tend to lose my phone frequently, so having a dedicated space for it was a welcome addition for me.

Working in a lab, I often carry procedure manuals, tons of papers and sometimes sample petri dishes. All of these things were able to fit happily within the bag, with little places to stow specific items. I was impressed because my previous bag was something of a disaster. Papers shuffled, samples ruptured, general discordance. Well I have been using this one for about two weeks and I’m able to find everything in seconds, which is good when I’m in a hurry (which is usually). Books and paperwork fit in the back zipper compartment. I’ve only had to carry samples a few times in the bag, but they fit into the mesh pockets in front of the laptop.

My work requires me to be on my feet for most of the day. Because I work with chemicals I can’t use an iPod. am able to listen to the radio, but I hate the radio. The G-Tech has helped me a lot because now I can plug my iPod in and listen to my own music through the bag’s built-in speakers. No earphones necessary.

I have carried it fully loaded into the grocery store. My wallet goes in the front pouch and was easily accessible in the checkout. Plus the strap was comfortable on my shoulder. Which is really the biggest requirement of any bag.

In summary, I subjected the G-Tech Professional to the “battle test” of my everyday and I think it did well. I’m currently very happy with this bag and plan to use it until it falls apart. My only question is, does it come in red?