Piczo Announces Partnerships – Growth Still Strong

San Francisco based Piczo, a social network for young teenagers, continues to add 35,000 new registered users per day, and claims 2 billion monthly page views. We first covered them back in September, where we compared them with the other major social networks.

The UK continues to be Piczo’s biggest market, accounting for 40% of users and 50% of page views (see TechCrunch UK coverage of the company here).

Today at 5 am PST they will announce a number of distribution and other partnerships with major Internet companies, including YouTube, Flock, Photobucket and VideoEgg.

The most interesting partnership is the deal with Flock. Piczo will distribute a Piczo-branded version of the Flock browser (see a similar deal Flock announced in July with PhotoBucket). Flock and Piczo will split search revenue generated from the browser, and users will have easy access to Piczo content. From the press release:

When users download the Flock Piczo Edition browser, they will receive alerts when friends update their sites, providing an instant connection to their Piczo friends. Users will also be able to quickly and easily drag and drop content such as photos and videos into their Piczo Web page. Other features in the Flock Piczo Edition browser include access to bulk upload tools, uninterrupted login and web searching capabilities.

This is good news for Flock as well. They now have access to Piczo’s 10.5 million monthly unique visitors.