Use MS Office On A Mac? You’re About To Get Screwed

As you may or may not know, Microsoft has launched Office 2007. The suite is a vast improvement over previous versions and now uses new file formats for when you save a Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx), or Powerpoint (.pptx) document. Dubbed “Microsoft Office Open XML Formats”, these new file types don’t seem to be working in Mac OS X . Trying to open a document in Word 2004 for OS X gives you a bunch of random characters and undecipherable garbage like the picture above.

Those using the previous version of Office on Windows XP can download a converter and compatibility pack as a work around, but Mac users are left in the cold it seems. Apparently, no one can say when an OS X version of the conversion tools will be available either. What gives Microsoft? Either support your OS X users 100% or don’t bother at all. We want to be able to collaborate between Office-documents but this new file format is going to kill us!

The lock-out begins for Office Mac users [APC Mag]