PayPerPost Chronicles Their Amorality

Florida based PayPerPost just launched a new site called RockStartup, which chronicles the birth (and I hope, ultimate failure) of their ethically-challenged startup.

RockStartup seems to be heavily influenced by the movie, which tracked Kaleil Tuzman and his team (and multiple girlfriends) through a web 1.0 startup. Some of the scenes in the first two episodes of RockStartup are near duplicates of scenes from Of course, RockStartup is being consumed real time, whereas wasn’t released until after the company folded.

I can’t wait for the episode where Ted (the founder) goes to jail. :-)

I’m not going to go into the whole payperpost argument again. Not after seeing a naked guy in bed trash me on YouTube. If you want to know my opinion on PPP, see our previous posts and listen to our interview with the founder after their financing.

Update: “PayPerPost are offering bloggers like myself cold hard cash to voice their opinions about a TechCrunch story posted by a dude called Mike.” Incredible.