Do You Love or Hate Bose? Tell Us Why and Win a Prize!

Bose is sort of the Hillary Clinton of tech — you either love them or hate them, and they’ve got lots of cash.

I’m looking to do either an upcoming column on the topic or, if your responses to this are amazing enough, a simple rundown of wild Bose stories. And so, dear readers, I come knocking for help.

If you have any Bose stories, shoot me an email. Maybe your 3-2-1 system crapped out on you after a day? Do you work at a Bose store and know their sales pitch and have first-hand experience with the type of customer who goes Bose-shopping? Maybe you work at the company and can leak the unpublished internal testing of their sound quality. Or, maybe, just maybe, you love Bose products–the way they block out the screaming kids in the row behind you in coach and fill your living room with badonkadonk-shaking bass.

Anyway, shoot me an email at seth (at) , or duke it out in the Comments.

The giver of the funniest/scariest/craziest/most fascinating Bose story wins a to-be-determined (probably non-Bose) prize from my personal stash (no promises on how amazing it’ll be.) If your story is particularly dark and/or disturbing, just tell me and I’ll keep your identity hidden behind the veil of anonymity.