Guitar Hero For Rich Kids: Gibson Rolls Out All-Digital Axe

Gibson is rolling out the HD.6X-PRO, an “all-digital” version of their classic Les Paul guitar. The coolest part of it seems to be the multiple outputs. In addition to an SLM output that spits the sound of all six strings out of one amp at the same time, and a stereo output for splitting the strings between two different amps, its also got a “Hex” output that splits each of the six strings between six different amps or a PC audio card with six inputs.

In English: If you can really shred, you can pump out six different tunes through six different amps at once, or make some sort of killer big-band illusion.

Being somebody whose strumming experience is mostly limited to air guitar competitions and a few games of Guitar Hero, I’m not sure I’d blow 5 Gs on this, but it is undeniably cool.

Edit: So just to clarify, this guitar is made specifically for recording. It’s made so one can record each string differently and add EQ, effects and/or dynamics on each separate track without altering the tone of the guitar. According to Raj, this guitar sets a milestone as far as recording goes. – Blake