A Big Hug to Our Sponsors and Readers

Thank you readers for your support and creating the vibrant community and insight that often plays out in our comments.

Also, thank you to our sponsors, who write our paychecks every month and make TechCrunch possible:

If you have a moment please express your opinion in this survey for a sponsor, Symantec.

DoubleClick – DoubleClick has ten years’ experience in teh online advertising space, with a variety of advertising solutions for rich media ads, SEO, and consulting services.

Text Link Ads – Check out Text Link Ads if you want to buy ads on some top websites, or in their RSS feeds. When you sign up, they will start you off with $100 in free ads. TLA also has an easy cut-and-paste solution to publish ads so you can start monetizing your site or attach your own rotating announcements in your feed.

oDesk – oDesk is a marketplace for contracting computer programmers. They recently hit some milestones, including 500,000 total billed hours, 6,000 developers, and 1,000 projects per month. You’ll be pleased to know that they have also lowered their fee from 23% to 10% of the developer’s rate.

Carbonite – Carbonite is a set-and-forget backup program that allows you to easily sync your most mission critical files to an unlimited Carbonite drive. You can even use it for a full system restore. I’ve been satisfied user for the past couple of months. Check out their no hassle one month trial here.

Compete – Compete is a search engine and web analytics site. They have an easy-to-use toolbar and personal compete page that lets you track the website trends most important to you. Check out the latest battle between YouTube and MySpace on the Compete.com blog.

Edgeio – Listings from the edge sums up what Edgeio is all about. They have over 100 million classified listings drawn from over 15,000 cities and 144 countries. It’s a great place to publish your listings or find posts for anything from autos to personals.

We recently implemented Snap site preview on TechCrunch to provide previews of the outbound links in stories. Let us know how you like it in the comments or through Feedback at techcrunch dot com.

Media Temple – Media Temple has done a stellar job of hosting TechCrunch throughout our growth. We are definitely satisfied customers. They offer grid hosting, dedicated virtual servers, and ultra-customized web serving.

Thank you to those companies who posted on the CrunchBoard job board.

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