NewTek TriCaster: TV Studio In A 10-Pound Box

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of seeing a live demo of NewTek’s TriCaster Pro, a 10-pound Shuttle PC-style box that contains all the components for a very powerful television/video studio. I recorded the demo for your viewing pleasure, but unfortunately, I botched my recording left and right. Thankfully, NewTek put another demo on video for me to show you.

If you’re a TV/video production techie, are looking into starting your own Web-based “TV” station, need an affordable way to record your school’s sports teams or just enjoy amazing feats of technology in general, check out some or all of the video.

The Pro that’s in the demo sells for $6,995 and is currently shipping with an iPod nano as a special gift with purchase, and there’s a $4,995 Plus version that’s shipping with an iPod Shuffle. Also, the applications the TriCaster uses, SpeedEDIT, is available as well if you’re looking for a great piece of PC-based video-editing software.

NewTek TriCaster [product site]